Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project Due to the royal works.

“Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project Because of the Royal Initiative “
From the grace of King Rama IX.
He studied and researched technologies to solve waste water and community waste.
To suit the conditions. This is a project.
And the result is too much. Water treatment ponds again.
We have both fish and rice can be restored.
Well!!! This is my trip. We came to the project.

2 Days 1 Night Lampang, Lampang, Thailand

City carriage to see the beautiful architectural temples. Life on the slope … I would like to say that in the beautiful culture in the city, the slow rotation is more than that, the nature of the place is very unseen tourist attractions, it is because we have to dig a haven for the trip. We will show you 2 days 1 night, this is a wow.
Day 1
Cliff> Luminous Buddha> Lampang Sea> Memmoth Hostel
Our trip to Lampang. Start your first eye at the cliff. Unseen Nature Conservation site with only mountains, streams and unspoilt forests. That’s the name. I do not know how to do it, but it’s a good thing.
The way down the cliff is a ramp down. The ground floor will be like the time we went down to the waterfall. Be careful not to be slow. And should wear sneakers. Or tight fitting shoes. I slipped together.
Down to the bottom to walk a little bit of water to what? You will see bamboo striking a long bridge across the shore. At the back you know that Jane and her mother (the pioneer) helped to develop and develop this place. Since the raid of forest. Make a bamboo bridge Explore the area where points can be made to visit. Learn the history of the place. It is intended to be a natural eco-tourism destination. Create a career to bring revenue to the community. I want to sit down beautifully. With respect to me really.
At this point, our journey begins. We can choose whether to visit the cave Cave hide / love. Kayaking or kayaking. The cost of activities will vary, but it’s only 20 – 50 baht. Anyone who wants to jump to the water, there is a lifeboat and rubber ring for rent is only 20 baht, we choose a rafting cave cave hide love / cliff. I want to see the nature of the cliff.
It is said that the raft is not used in the hand, do not use a paddle and do not use the engine. You do not want to create any pollutant pollution, you want to maintain this nature as much as possible. So rafting is the only way to catch the ropes and then use our force gradually go to the girl to go to the wind to send a lot of buoyancy. We sat at the waterfront and then smiled out, it was refreshing, it was fresh, it was clean, the air was really clean.
On the way to Jane, the cliffs say that the cliffs together. The first two cliffs in front of each other so that the wooden walk across the shore together. This is because the river was originally a timber log conveyor. There is a blast to allow large logs to pass through. Now it is far from useless.
Go to the beach. Cliff hiding love / cliff. We parked and took off our shoes. Then walk up the hill as a train. Jane said that he had to go to the jungle to enjoy it. It must be created to prevent people from destroying nature.

This is where the cliff. It is called natural return a lot. Because the wildlife is back, then the peacock will come out to us to see. This is a great success.

I found the mission to find my heart. Looking out to see the heart of nature?
If you want to come close to nature, you can come here. You can go boating, kayaking, rafting, swimming, or take your family to sit in the picnic. I have to eat a little bit, then chill, but I have to put the garbage on top of it. If we are a good tourist does not destroy nature. Nature will be with us for a long time.

Coordinates: Tambon Sop Bar, Mae Moh, Lampang.
Opening Hours: Open daily 9am – 5pm.
Phone: Jane 08 1746 6987

Glazed Buddha
Away from the cliff, only 30 minutes drive to the temple. The Buddha statue representing the worship of the 28 Buddha, the 28th is a glowing Buddha. We intend to pay homage to him for a lifetime.
The origin of the monastery has a history of not less. We would like to talk briefly here. The monastery was built in 1971 by Luang Por Abbot Wat Tha Lampang, which is a high merit. (Or that the sacred object collectors known as the eyes of the pastor of Wat Tha Duen) was built here to be the practice until 1976 was dead. And then Luang Por Saen. It was restored until about 1997, His Majesty the Buddha. You have given the relics of the Buddha. Summoned in the pagoda.
To Luang Phaw’s death. This place was abandoned until 2010 Luang Por Prasit Puripunno restored. The 28 Buddhas represent the Buddha, the 28th is the current Lord Buddha. It is enshrined in the church, which is. The glowing Buddha
But it’s not over yet. Because this glowing Buddha Can be caused by the coincidence in the mass. Into the glow Or maybe because of the cooperation of the kith and kin. With the power of faith. Or maybe with prayer. The light is always reflected during the day. I have to invite people. Luang Phor Prasit Phiribanno to create a glowing Buddha image in many places, but no one is glowing. That said. The 28th Buddha statue representing the worship of the Lord Buddha. The only luminous Buddha in Thailand.
If anyone wants to pay homage. And see the beauty of the Buddha’s glow. I can travel easily. This place is only 20 kilometers from downtown Lampang. You can drive it up comfortably. And now, the monastery is lacking in the restoration of the dilapidated temple roof over time. And lest it fall down, the Buddha is damaged. If anyone has enough room to invite to restoration of the temple together with me. Thank you in advance.

Wat Doi Wang Hui
Coordinates: 283 Ban Pha Lat Moo 4, Phra, Muang, Lampang
Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 5pm.
Telephone: Phra Pracha Buri 06 3736 9678

Lampang Sea
heaven on earth… Eat on the water in nature. There is a sea at Lampang. Or called officially. Wanghwang Reservoir Where we will eat dinner. Which is up the road to Doi Wang Huu. It’s been a while. In addition to eating delicious. And also the view of the reservoir as well.
I really like that we are lucky. I do not plan ahead. Look out from the outside that pretty much came in. Seats can be picked up on land. Or floating floating water. I do not speak much. Choose the right one and start ordering food to be better.

With the little snail. I’ll be glad to order, but I’m surprised to see the price up! This meal is like a king!

This is my first post. But eat it delicious to tell.

With the little snail. I’ll be glad to order, but I’m surprised to see the price up! This meal is like a king!

This is my first post. But eat it delicious to tell.

Fried pork rib What is it? But eat in order to order.

Sea of ​​Spicy Water I do not like to eat, but I like to sweat as well.

Yummy vermicelli with medium taste suitable for people who do not like to eat spicy.

Fried Fish with Chilli Fish to a little meat. But the taste is the only one left with the 555 head.

The overall taste is passed. But maybe not for the eye for those who like to eat a lot of wild food, but just have a seat to eat this reservoir. The wind blows gently. I do not want to go to sleep now, really! Forget to say that the raft seats eat. We can pull the rope out of the reservoir. I want to go out in the middle of the dam at all. I think it’s time to pull the rope back to the side with me. I will not find that 555.

Lampang Sea
Coordinates: Lampang, Lampang, Lampang
Opening Hours: Daily 10 am – 7 pm
Phone: 08 6916 8144

Memmoth Hostel
After a day out, we return to town in the evening, because we booked at the hostel. Memmoth Hostel Cheap hostel, cheap price! Incredible Yes, it is very wrong with the look of Greg. This is my first post. Take a pillow before you sleep well.

Day 2
Memmoth Hostel> Street Art Katadata> Ngoc Ngoc
Memmoth Hostel

The contract is a contract. I have to promise. I do not wait anymore. We are going to find out that before the hostel is chic we have to sleep. The first three buildings were formerly used as a dilapidated building. The owner has risen to the new Renovated hostel is a cool cafe, incredible.

And with Lampang is a small town. The tourists are foreign nationals are the main. Accommodation is secondary. The idea is that this hostel is cool to do a chic price. Thai people come to stay. Foreigners stay impressed.

The name of this obstruction came from the idea that. Lampang is an ancient city. An ancient city with a long history. Think of the Memphis. Prehistoric animals of the world, even to extinction. But the greatness of it is still legendary people. Memmoth Hostel is a great place to go.

The room can accommodate from 1 person per room to 6 persons per room and there are 3 floors, the third floor is a panoramic view. And to make a private peace.

The bathroom is a clean, safe and clean area. If not, we have a fish picture.

Prices start from 300 baht per person and include breakfast (toast, biscuits, coffee, ovaltine, orange juice, fruit), but bring your own towel. If anyone forgets to have a towel to rent it.

Lampang Town Center The interior is beautifully designed. Rooms are stylish. Great cafe There are horseback riding, bicycle rental, luggage storage, free high speed Wi-Fi, and also recommend places to eat with tourists. I will be impressed.

Memmoth Hostel
Coordinates: 219 / 1-3 Chao Maitri Road, Sop Ruang, Muang Lampang, Lampang
Phone: 09 5451 4583, 08 6397 7789

Street Art

Check Out out of the hostel is determined to walk wandering street art at Street Art Kadr, a friend told me at least have to go back to the two ac, otherwise not considered.
The point is called Street Art is scattered all three points under the bridge Ratsadapisek. On the corner of Mae Wang Road, Old Market Road. And the wall behind the practice. We know that there will be a group of artists, city carriages to paint the walls of Lampang. So do not be surprised. Why do not you come to see this picture because he painted it more and more.

This is the Rassadapisek Bridge. The main road on Mae Wang Road or White Bridge. Another point is to draw a wall throughout the line. Choose a photo.

This is the wall behind the practice. I have not been able to catch the spot, but actually from the old market. Keep moving. I have a wall. I do not know if this is a good picture. If you want to take a photo with a new picture. I have to update the pattern as well.

I can say that here can create a new dimension. And the colors of the city carriages are very cute. Because no one came to Lampang. Which one must come through this point? It’s a stamp that I’ve been to Lampang and then thickly proud.

The restaurant is not to be missed very close to just walking from Street Art, because it is the same line as the old market Kadrid. This restaurant is not difficult because the gingerbread house Manila has become a landmark in itself. It is the most beautiful gingerbread house in Thailand. He received the Architectural Excellence Award in 2007 for Lanna Architecture Conservation Building. From Kannada to Lanna Association of Siamese Architects Under the Royal Patronage

Former Maung Silk Factory is the headquarters of the old Burmese Forest Department. From the reign of King Rama VI, which is actually the front of the shop, we see this is behind the house. The real home front is behind the restaurant next to the Wang River. Because of the ancient times, over a hundred years ago this area was inhabited by Burmese. And the Chinese live a lot. Which is traded by boat as well.

It is a living museum. The ancient history of the precious collection of the children.

It is a living museum. The ancient history of the precious collection to our children. I know to see and to go out again. As we see it is a two story wooden building. Then we sit on the second floor because the bottom of the basement is the bunker. Created during the war between the First and Second World War, but over a long time. The river blew the sediment, brick, rock, sand, soils and soils into a long time, thus becoming a narrow bunker. As seen

This is the basement in the past is the bunker. Created in the interval between World War I and II, which is a door on the floor. Must open up to see. I like it.

If anyone wants to visit the museum, there is life balm. In addition to experience life charm. And ancient artifacts. Do not forget to taste the coffee here. And the signature of this is a silly balm that I have to order. I will set up a Khan. There are 6 beverages including Thai tea, Burmese tea, lemon tea, green tea, milk coffee and black coffee, but in the middle there is a steak with rice and watermelon to eat.
Maung Coffee Coffee Burma Must Arrange Sweet taste For a coffee that does not like the hard core or order a Burmese milk, it is a pleasant aroma of sweet tea, it is good.

Coordinates: 208 Mueang Si Sao Si Market, Old Market, Suan Dok, Muang Lampang, Lampang
Opening Hours: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm (Sat – Sun only)
Phone: 08 6728 6362

End the trip to Lampang full of flavor and get good time. Do not rush like a tour. But not so much time to do so. If you have more time than this, you will be able to visit many places because it is still in stock. The next time I will take to enjoy the 3 nights 2 days to go.

Drive the car I’m going to eat @ Ratchaburi

Say hello people who are ready to go out with the strength of the spot. Today we are going out on a drive to say who like the chic that comes with strength and like new lifestyle to the car.

This trip will take you to the city on the way. Bangkok – Nakhon Pathom And to stop eating at Ratchaburi to take only 2 hours 20 minutes. Before our departure, we had a little test at the MG Driving Experience Center. Ready for a long wait.

We will travel this time to experience new experiences together. The MG3 is powered by a 1.5-liter 112-horsepower engine with a new 4-speed automatic transmission, a 5-door sedan.

It comes alive with your life style at all times. MG3 Hatchback colorful. Under the definition of “WE ARE FUN”, look at the world fun. That’s all in the car. Filled with comfort.

Before leaving for the music to drive. With the online music system in this car of True Online Music, which has more than 1 million songs to choose from. This is a good one.

You do not have to spend a lot of time to download 55 flash drives. You can also search for hotels in your neighborhood with AGODA through the application of the car. MG 3 is ready to go.

Get out of the Buddhist path today. I do not see the rain to drive long. The first landmark to visit, we will sip coffee at Starbucks, Nakhon Chaisri Sip a cup of coffee to wake up this morning. WE ARE FUN !! Let’s make fun of the city lifestyle, drive to eat, eat out, go out to go to the next destination.
At this time, lunch time is enough. Banburea Restaurant, Nakhon Pathom Province. But today we will just have lunch. Let’s say good food all over me.

This is a traditional Thai food. Some menu items may not be familiar, but if you are a mother, we come to you to say good name. I do not believe that it is delicious and delicious. We’re hungry for 55 Well, then go out and forward to the next coordinates.
I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do it.

The day after that, he had children to do activities at the base, too. See the picture and enjoy it. But this is not just for kids. It can also be done at any age. Family is fun. Come here to experience the natural way of life.

Activity in the field of affection. Kite rim Try to throw the rice, harvest, collect eggs, duck and make organic salted eggs, grow vegetables or paint batik patterns, choose the right color and the like smear it. Each piece is then dried, then dry to store it. Very bright colors.
The activities here are very cute. I have to try it in the course. Slider Rear Nay Yai very happy. The kids laughed and screamed loudly. Chill very much. Good atmosphere, like to visit the farm. I do not have enough experience and knowledge to return to it.
We have another time because we still have time. Khao Ngao Rock Garden This is a great place to park your car. If you come to Ratchaburi, do not miss it here. Beautiful view.
There are also lakes in the middle of this rocky valley. The rocks reflect the surface of the water pretty well. Tell me that this landmark is cool. If anyone likes to take photos of the cell phone check in, do not miss it. The car was swept away to take a look at the car both Wall Street Art.
Live in the heart of the hip and meet the people like the new lifestyle. This is not the case. Still, there is a classic of the old town as well as the graffiti that this combination of bismuth plus classic origin has to do with both the graphics and the car.
With innovative i-SMART intelligent system to meet the lifestyle of comfortable living with the command of 3 channels is the voice command system in Thai. 8-inch touch screen navigation and smartphone-based applications.
They also have fun with True Music’s online music system, which has over 1 million songs to choose from. This is not enough to find a hotel from the AGODA website through the application of the new MG 3.

MG3 is equipped with the innovative i-SMART intelligent system that will provide you with a comfortable living lifestyle with 3 channels of voice commands. The 8-inch touch screen navigation system and the smartphone-based navigation application are very trendy and trendy. In the rear of the luggage compartment can be quite a lot. Absolutely.
Time to get back to the hotel at the time Ratchaburi is a time to relax. View from the bedroom is good. By the pool. Chill for a long night.
New morning to return to Bangkok. I’m getting ready to return. But before we return to pay homage to the Buddha. Wat Phra Prathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom, and worship.
Today, the sky is very clear. Blue is a very colorful color. This is my first post.
Finally, next station. We will go to lunch. Three little pigs (Three Pigs) Organic Farm This is the best cafe in the area.
If you have a coffee, tea, coffee, and a full table to do it, the last meal of the trip here. I’m so glad to see you here. Nice to have a picture to leave my friends will invite the gang to come together in the next!
When I tried the New MG3 in this trip, when I tested the performance of the car I know. Whether it is curved at a speed that is quite slow and sluggish all round. I’m sure the road out of the actual speed of the acceleration can be out and surpassed immediately because the New MG3 has a Sport mode increased. I assure you that this car is quite strong.

The car is really small. I think that the option is fully equipped with the option of convenience, very tight. If for this price to start it.
The sunroof has a reverse camera with True Online Music, search for accommodation around. Oh, that’s good. The joy of comfort when used.

The new MG3 comes complete with 5 yellow options – Tudor Yellow, Ruby Red, Blue Blue, Arctic. White, and Black – Black Knight. There are four models available: Model C, Price 519,000 Baht, Model D Price 549,000 Baht, Model X Sunroof Price 589,000 Baht and V Sunroof Model 629,000 Baht. I have to say WOW. And then it is considered quite a lot of options that come complete.

This is the first time I’ve finished this sentence. What is your lifestyle? Let’s find and ask.

For those who are interested, feel free to try out the MG3 showroom at the 85 MGM Showrooms nationwide or for more information.

A short trip to the “Nangrong Waterfall”

Fatigue from work Let’s get away from the chaos.
So listen to the sound of the waves. “Nang Rong Waterfall” Nakhon Nayok

The distance from Bangkok is 100 km.
Do not wait to leave the camera and the people know. To breathe fresh air

Choose to park. No fee
Cool little people to mind.

See the natural waterfall is tired and tired.

I do not know what to do.
Yummy Sea vermicelli ………….

Som Tam

Lush greenery I’m not sure what to do.

Back to the rain, cold weather driving back to the car.

Travel around Tokyo by train.

Japan is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. It is easy to travel, delicious food, a variety of attractions. And can travel all year. I have to be able to complete the season. We read a lot of reviews that make us feel that we should visit Japan. We want to go to Japan. We want to eat Japanese food. We would like to walk to the cold weather photo shoot.

Start with air ticket booking. To view the promotion at the page. She told me that Malaysia Airline price is not waiting to rush to book it. BKK-KUL-NRT / NRT-KUL-BKK round trip ticket at THB 8,9xx. (Even if the KL is connected)

I booked a hotel through Agoda. I chose a hostel called 1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo for 7xx per night as a hotel capsule. Capsule mattress does not face to face with anyone. I would like to say that the hotel in Tokyo is quite high for going alone. Because no one helped the room.

Getting to Japan is okay. The room was booked. The only way to get from the airport to the city. I plan to take Skyliner from the airport to the city. Go to HIS and buy a Skyliner Round Trip + 72 hr Tokyo Subway Ticker at a price of 1,7xx, the ticket will last no more than 6 months. This ticket was changed to a train ticket at Narita Airport.
People are social. We have to have Internet, I choose Sim2Fly from AIS ครับ. Price 399 baht before flying out of Thailand to activate. Or will be launched in Japan. This SIM card can be used in many countries. (We can use the machine in Malaysia). Very nice, very fast, WiFi, hotel (I use it, do not want to leave it, I keep adding it once a month. The next time to go to any country. I bought a package to add it to me.
After passing, customs and baggage We are going to redeem tickets. Skyliner + Subway Pass. We will follow the Train to City badge. Arrive at the train station and look for the Skyliner Keisei Information Center.

The office is opposite the entrance to the railway station next to Family Mart. Walk into the staff and show tickets from Thailand. The staff will show us how to get around the train. She will print the ticket.

First, we will get the train ticket. The airport – Ueno in the ticket will tell around our chosen. (Date / DEP / ARR) / Our cabin (CAR) / Seat (SEAT) and another return ticket. The tickets are to be redeemed for tickets. No train tickets We have to take that ticket to the ticket office. He will give us a round trip train again.
Walk into the station and do not confuse me. We understand that Skyliner is blue. Follow the blue to the wrong conclusion is enough to pass through the door. Look at the left. See the orange door, write the number 1 with the logo Skyliner go to it. We came to the platform to look at the floor. He will have a car number (Car no.) Will stand waiting for the train.
About 40 minutes, we arrive at Ueno Station (only 2 stations). When arriving at Keisei Ueno station, we will go to the station. I have a Locker. It’s a big bag, but it’s full, but it’s still a little early in the morning.)

So we started to get better. The first one to go is the Sensoji Temple. This is a very popular place to be considered as a landmark for beginners to go to Japan. How come it is simple. Just when we left Keisei Ueno, we went to change the train line to Ginza.

[Simple Techniques To Find A Subway To change a train, one line is to remember or to look at each symbol. It is just a color circle along the lines. Ginza Line is an orange circle with the letter G inside when found. Then follow the signs and so on. The way to go up the track or platform is to see what station we go to it each track number is told that this track from this station to this station number. The bottom line will tell you that Track 2 from G17 to G19]

72hr ticket to the station. It starts counting time since we start plugging a ride card from Ueno Station to Asakusa Station.

I’m very happy with the results. The Zone is a lot more people. The weather was cool. The wind is very cold. Prepare long sleeves with each.
Sensoji Temple is a large temple in the Asakusa area. Some call it the Asakusa Temple or Asakusa Kannon Temple, which is the oldest temple in Tokyo. There is a history that in 628, a fisherman’s brother found a small Kuantan on the Sumida River. They returned to the village of Asakusa. Later, the villagers built a temple from a house to preserve the Guan Yin and later built the Senzhou Temple in 645

It’s time to go to Tokyo and have a half day to go to Kawagoe. (But not enough) In the afternoon I have to buy in downtown Tokyo. I plan to take a look at Roppongi at night, but I’m tired of heavy rain. Luckily, to see the scenery while heavy rain, I would see nothing clear, plus tired and tired to cancel.

This trip to Tokyo only. And return to Bangkok the next day (back from 10.30 am to Kuala Lumpur as ever. And to Bangkok at 20.00 is a journey that takes one day).

I have been to almost every place. Since I have only 4 days to stay in Tokyo, I want to keep the main place (should not be an exemplar). But come next time. I plan to loose. Spend the whole day We guarantee that you will not miss again. No matter what season, time or city.

Rock Stone Farm, Trang

Rock Stone Farm, Trang

Fisherman’s life at the “Stone Farm Stays” Trang long beach resort. The front is a fish cage and mangrove forest. Boat trip to Trang beach Watch the sunset. “West Beach” touch the hot spring in the forest. And sea grass watching the “wild albatross” taste fresh seafood from the cage.

Rock Farm Farm is located at 145/1 Moo 2, Bo Hin, Amphur Sikao, Trang 92150.

There are about 20 families. The main task is to raise crayfish, including whitefish, fried fish, mussels, oysters, etc. The “Rock Farm Stays” is a standard homestay in Thailand.

Homestay focuses on learning local fisheries along with the study of the beauty of the mangrove forest. Long-tailed boat cruises along the coastline. Including creative activities like seagrass planting. To help tourists together to recover important natural resources.

Welcome visitors with local snacks and snacks.

Main meal Most of the fresh seafood from cages. Cooked by a skilled cook. Delicious delicious

The lodge will be divided into several rooms, such as the Tiger Fish, the group room, the fish, the fish, the blue sky, etc. There are a number of rows. Reading lounge And a long balcony to sit cool.

Sightseeing activities include boat trips to the mangrove ecosystem. Nature trail study Watch the hot springs in the mangrove forest. Alternatively, take a kayak trip at Boonmong Bay.

Highlights of Rock Farm Stays It is the natural and abundant mangrove forest. Including coastal aquaculture and folk fishing practices.

Boat cruise on the rocky road.

Mangrove planting activities. Or seagrass The feeding of “dugong” mammal. It is reduced to almost extinct.
The mangrove planting here is done seriously, see the results and have continued care.
At Rock Farm Stays Seagrass seed is collected for propagation purposes. “Seagrass Bank” to restore abundance to the sea. It is another activity not to be missed.

Thailand has about 104,686 rai of seagrass. It is found in the Trang sea, about one quarter of seagrass beds in the sea.
Hot spring and mud spa One of the eco-trails in the middle of the mangrove forest is the “hot water of salt water” that magically sprang up in the Andaman Sea.

Water tide will see the water springs clear around the muddy black. It is said that if the mask. The skin is smooth. Do not try to prove.

Sunset sunrise at the beach to keep the sun rising to the horizon here beautiful impressive. Along the beach is a shallow water.

Watch “wild dance”, performing folk art is lost. And the rock is the one that remains wild to see each other. The importance of preserving this art is full. Musical instruments used in the show are tattoos, earplugs, cymbals, and costumes.

Tourist spot “Salted fish”
View the drying process by drying house. Solar Power and Electric Power Of Bo Hin Hin Seafood Processing Group, Bo Kaeng, Sikao, Trang
Salted fish Excellent OTOP 5 Star of the good in Sikao district, Trang.

Saltwater fishes are clean and hygienic. No preservatives And the taste of fish is not too salty to store for 4-5 months in the vacuum system.

In the past, salted fish was used in the open air. Sometimes there are many flies. Looks unclean and insecure. The villagers use mosquitoes. Or small mesh lattice Covered with salted fish. Many people call it. “Salted fish”

Most of the fish are used for “fish”, which is called “fish”, but sometimes fishes, eels, fish, eyeballs, fish, salted fish from Trang, Hat Yai, Krabi and Songkhla.

In addition to salted fish with shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, kidney, etc., you can also choose to shop.

Produced and distributed by
Community Enterprise Group, Sikao, Trang Province Tel. 093-773-9544, 084-293-9371

Rock Farm Stays

Homestay: Experience the life and nature of the coast.
Tourism: Two-Ocean Travel
Travel time: all year round


Snorkeling (700 Baht / person)
Nature boat ride on mangrove forest (150 Baht / person)
Wildlife show
Learn to live in a cage.
Study on Coastal Fisheries
Seagrass planting and mangrove planting.

Accommodation and rates

Accommodation: 3 homestays, 50 people

Service Fee

Homestay 120 Baht / person
Breakfast charge 60 Baht / meal
Lunch / Dinner 150-250 Baht / person

Nearby Attractions

Hot spring in the mangrove forest.
Rachamongkhon Beach
Hua Hin Beach
Klong Son Beach
Pak Meng Beach
Chao Mai Beach
The Beach

Fresh seafood of the community.
Processed Seafood


From Bangkok to Trang-Trang (Sap Puean), take 12 hours to get to Trang. Then take a motorbike taxi service fee 20 baht to the central market.
** Then connect the van. Trang – Sikao – Kuan Kun or Trang – Sikao – Pak Meng. Service fee 60 Baht 30 minutes to Sikao Market. Then the motorcycle hire a service fee of 20 baht to the rock pond farm.

A Traveler’s Guide to Journeying Across the World

Do you dream of packing bags and experiencing new cultures and foods? There are many ways you can take the freedom of travel. All you have to do is read our travel guide to travel the world.

  • Start recording now.
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  • Consider a cruise
    Luxury cruises give avid travelers a chance to visit the places on a single day, as every day is a new place to visit. For example, you can visit incredible cities on Caribbean cruises, such as Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and you’ll experience beautiful weather, amazing sights and delicious food. The route is the best way to see the world.
  • Find a job abroad
    If you want to travel the world for more than a few weeks or a month of the year, you should consider finding a job abroad. Finding a job abroad can help you stay in a single destination for several months or more so that you will learn more about the culture. There are many career opportunities that will help you get adventurous. For example, you could be a bartender practicing as an au pair in America or working on a farm or ranch in Australia. (Which can be counted as a 2-year visa)
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  • Sell ​​eBooks
    Are you keen on writing words and extensive knowledge about the subject? Start writing eBooks to boost your finances. Many self-published authors can earn thousands of dollars a month online. You can write a travel guide for sale so you can earn a living from traveling around the world. You know that sounds good.

There are many ways you can travel around the world with ease. All you have to do is find the right opportunity for your adventure, and the advice above can be a great starting point for getting started. If you have travel advice to share, please do not hesitate to write useful comments below

An Adventurous Trip To Australia

When you see what holiday in Australia is, you should not include your country in your bucket list. Beautiful scenery, interesting wildlife, modern city, lots of activities, all kinds of attractions and activities that make you imagine. However, here we will talk about something that you should do if your goal is to get rest, especially active or adventurous. Let’s take a look.

Here are some of the adventures and activities you might want to pursue during the time you are under.

Bridge City Sydney Architecture Bridge

Harbor Bridge
Harbor Bridge in Sydney is there by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Tower Bridge in London is one of the most famous cities in the world. High arches and bends overlooking the bay have become a regular tourist attraction. There is debate among tourists over the value of experience due to inaccessibility. You can not walk on your own. But the bottom line is that walking along those corners on a happy day in Sydney is a once in a lifetime experience. It is very safe. But you can not help feel like something of a brave, higher standing in the open air above the body of water.

Learn Kitesurf
The opportunity to surf the web in Australia is something that a lot of people are talking about. The thing that does not get much attention is playing kitesurfing (also known as kitesurfing). kiteboarding) This is a challenging stadium that has been around for a while. But it seems to be popular by the end and some of the east coast of Australia can have excellent conditions. Kitesurfing can be expensive to learn and you may want to study a few days at least before you. Up and riding really. But if you are looking for an active holiday, the best thing in Australia. And when you can sit there, you will hope you do it all your life.

Spend time in sports.
Australia is a great sporting nation, and competitions, competitions and competitions can be both adventurous and their own. Whether you’re watching a local rugby match, watching the Melbourne Grand Prix on a Formula One or even joining the Australian Open, there’s something for everyone. The country has a distinctive basketball for that matter as well! And just as in Canada, many sports fans are involved in online gambling as well, so they feel closer to the competition. This type of activity can cover a wide range of activities, such as finding a bargain for a match or match you have attended, and adding a part of your personal plan.

Pilgrimage to Wilsons Promontory
Wilsons Promontory is basically a peninsula on the south coast of Australia and is where you will find unspoiled natural beauty. There are miles of beaches with beautiful surroundings and subtle paths through some of the surrounding brushes as well. Trekking through the peninsula makes you feel like you’re out and exploring the country.

Kayak Nitmiluk National Park
There are many fun places to kayak in Australia, from Fraser Island to Sydney Bay, etc. But if you want to see other parts of the country, take a closer look at the Nitmiluk National Park. The North. The gardens carved by the mighty Katherine River are filled with smooth seas, cascading waterfalls, wildlife and of course natural beauty. It’s a remarkable place, unlike any other area in Australia, and the best adventure you can have on a trip is kayaking along the river.

Great Barrier Reef Diving
This idea speaks for itself. However, it should be mentioned in this article that the Great Barrier Reef may be in some environmental problem. It is still one of the most interesting places to dive on the planet. Should be on your list for sure.

An Amazing Trekking Holiday Destination: Laugavegur, Iceland

Laugavegur translates as “Hot Spring Route”, is the most famous route of Iceland and one of the most famous hiking trails in the world. Volcano deserts snakes their way through valleys and hot springs located beneath the colorful mountains. And magical glaciers. It’s a place with spectacular views that reflect Iceland’s legendary nature, and for those looking for adventure, there’s no better place to find than in Iceland!

From the rhyolite mountains to the hills and ridges, the Laugavegur hiking trail is a different experience from elsewhere. Relaxing springs and glacial valleys will show you why the Laugavagur route is worth the money. In this article, I will mention that this holiday. What if it is possible for you to expect and plan?


Some information about Laugavegur
Difficulty of Travel: The trek is challenging and not suitable for those with little exercise tolerance. The path requires patience and if you do not think you have it, then it should be practice before.

How long will it take: The journey usually takes three to four days and you can relax and be more flexible with your time. You can try exploring special places nearby or spend a few days at one of the camps. Must start at least 3 or 4 days.

When is the best time to go between mid-June to mid-September? You should visit during July and August to enjoy the mild weather.

Temperature: Temperature will be the most unpredictable factor in your journey and you will need to plan accordingly. Weather is fluctuating rapidly, and one day it may be cold and chilly, while in the next few hours it may be sunny.

Start and end places: You can start in Thorsmork or you can start at Landmannalaugar

To reach any starting point: You can take the bus straight from anywhere to get to the starting point, and it is recommended to start at Reyjavik.

Luggage Service: If possible, try baggage storage at the airport.


Standard travel to Iceland
Tour guide or solo tour?

This is one of the main routes you can use to travel to Iceland. But if you do not feel like doing it yourself, you can find plenty of tour options that you can do with your family and children when you click here.

The benefit of doing it yourself is that all the freedom that comes with it all while on a guided tour will make it more structured and less hassle out of planning.

Start route:

The starting line is about 175 kilometers from the capital city of Reykjavik. To get started, you have to drive in a 4 × 4 car and make sure the tires are above average. Because the road is made of rough gravel, and sometimes you have to cross a few rivers.

Start with camping. Landmannalaugar

This famous valley offers the best attractions for all geothermal enthusiasts. From the hot springs located beneath the mountain, this will be a great starting point for your trip. The mineral bath will serve as a great entertainment venue for your first day. It will be a very relaxing start that is needed for challenging hiking.

Moved from Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker

This is the first step of your trek, and from one lava field to another, it is normal to find yourself on the top of a volcano. Volcanoes are lined with colorful slopes ranging from ash to red to black. This place is full of things like fantasy, volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs and pools. All of this has occasional white snow at the top of the field and you have a straight scene from the movie.

Volcano explores Volcanoes and snow-capped black desert. (Sound in the outside world, right?) Check out the memorial, travelers who died a few years ago and visit the first cottage – Höskuldsskáli.

Tips & Warnings You must know that you are not allowed to bring any stones with you from Iceland. Another observation is that there is no electric shower. (Only solar panels are used for important things) and there are no reception / reception services available. Finally, if you are staying at a cottage, please note that you may have to book in advance.

Moved from Hrafntinnusker Go to Álftavatn / Hvanngil

The second part is much more difficult. The downhill takes about 4 hours and you will find yourself moving up and down. Sometimes it is through scenic panoramic views, sometimes through the green valleys, sometimes down the hill, and sometimes through the glacier that you have to walk through.

Moved from Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker

This is the first step of your trek, and from one lava field to another, it is normal to find yourself on the top of a volcano. Volcanoes are lined with colorful slopes ranging from ash to red to black. This place is full of things like fantasy, volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs and pools. All of this has occasional white snow at the top of the field and you have a straight scene from the movie.

Volcano explores Volcanoes and snow-capped black desert. (Sound in the outside world, right?) Check out the memorial, travelers who died a few years ago and visit the first cottage – Höskuldsskáli.

Tips & Warnings You must know that you are not allowed to bring any stones with you from Iceland. Another observation is that there is no electric shower. (Only solar panels are used for important things) and there are no reception / reception services available. Finally, if you are staying at a cottage, please note that you may have to book in advance.

Moved from Hrafntinnusker Go to Álftavatn / Hvanngil

The second part is much more difficult. The downhill takes about 4 hours and you will find yourself moving up and down. Sometimes it is through scenic panoramic views, sometimes through the green valleys, sometimes down the hill, and sometimes through the glacier that you have to walk through.

From Lake Álftavatn – Emstrur

You will continue to cross the water. (Generally cold weather) and you will walk through the volcanoes, glaciers and oasis.

Emstrur – Thórsmörk

Follow the river and check the famous mountain unicorn and after that you will cross the last river. There you will find the plants you have seen the most in the past four days. In addition to the forest you walk through, you will find campsites with saunas, restaurants and much more. with

Some notes:

Remember that you are not allowed to camp in the wild and you are not allowed to start shooting. You are not allowed to leave trash behind or walk on moss.


What packs for Iceland?
Before you give us a list of things to get in Iceland, it’s important to know that you need to plan everything with you. All clothing should be planned and should not be neglected. It’s not very predictable and you have to be prepared for all conditions. Hiking is something that demands unpredictable weather and challenging levels. You will be lonely in severe weather, so you have to pack well. This is not to deter you instead of this so you can come prepared for all the conditions. Your packaging list will be the most important part of planning your holiday.

Here is a list of what you will need:

Waterproof hiking shoes are very important. You need to get waterproof hiking boots that have been broken in the past because it is a long and challenging walk.
Socks socks These are important to avoid any blisters along the way.
Waterproof Raincoats – Get jackets and waterproof pants and make sure you have a heat rack with you.

Hats and gloves
Socks, wool hiking
Dry floor
Lightweight pants
Waterproof jacket
Sleeping bag with a thin sleeping bag, depending on whether you are in a tent or in a cottage.
Frozen food
Get a compass with you and a hiking map. Do not just depend on your phone.
Fast drying towel
Get a high quality tent if you are going camping.
Two portable chargers or one solar panel charger
Get cheap phones that you can use as a spare.
Very high SPF
Swimsuit you will pass Blue Lagoon, so it’s good to use your swimsuit.
Have enough water for you
Get enough food with you.
Do not forget your money, whether it is credit or cash.
What you do not need:

You do not need any kind of spray – be it insects or bears because there are no mosquitoes or bears.

Iceland is an incredible and better destination when you hike through one of the most famous trails in the world.