Travel around Tokyo by train.

Japan is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. It is easy to travel, delicious food, a variety of attractions. And can travel all year. I have to be able to complete the season. We read a lot of reviews that make us feel that we should visit Japan. We want to go to Japan. We want to eat Japanese food. We would like to walk to the cold weather photo shoot.

Start with air ticket booking. To view the promotion at the page. She told me that Malaysia Airline price is not waiting to rush to book it. BKK-KUL-NRT / NRT-KUL-BKK round trip ticket at THB 8,9xx. (Even if the KL is connected)

I booked a hotel through Agoda. I chose a hostel called 1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo for 7xx per night as a hotel capsule. Capsule mattress does not face to face with anyone. I would like to say that the hotel in Tokyo is quite high for going alone. Because no one helped the room.

Getting to Japan is okay. The room was booked. The only way to get from the airport to the city. I plan to take Skyliner from the airport to the city. Go to HIS and buy a Skyliner Round Trip + 72 hr Tokyo Subway Ticker at a price of 1,7xx, the ticket will last no more than 6 months. This ticket was changed to a train ticket at Narita Airport.
People are social. We have to have Internet, I choose Sim2Fly from AIS ครับ. Price 399 baht before flying out of Thailand to activate. Or will be launched in Japan. This SIM card can be used in many countries. (We can use the machine in Malaysia). Very nice, very fast, WiFi, hotel (I use it, do not want to leave it, I keep adding it once a month. The next time to go to any country. I bought a package to add it to me.
After passing, customs and baggage We are going to redeem tickets. Skyliner + Subway Pass. We will follow the Train to City badge. Arrive at the train station and look for the Skyliner Keisei Information Center.

The office is opposite the entrance to the railway station next to Family Mart. Walk into the staff and show tickets from Thailand. The staff will show us how to get around the train. She will print the ticket.

First, we will get the train ticket. The airport – Ueno in the ticket will tell around our chosen. (Date / DEP / ARR) / Our cabin (CAR) / Seat (SEAT) and another return ticket. The tickets are to be redeemed for tickets. No train tickets We have to take that ticket to the ticket office. He will give us a round trip train again.
Walk into the station and do not confuse me. We understand that Skyliner is blue. Follow the blue to the wrong conclusion is enough to pass through the door. Look at the left. See the orange door, write the number 1 with the logo Skyliner go to it. We came to the platform to look at the floor. He will have a car number (Car no.) Will stand waiting for the train.
About 40 minutes, we arrive at Ueno Station (only 2 stations). When arriving at Keisei Ueno station, we will go to the station. I have a Locker. It’s a big bag, but it’s full, but it’s still a little early in the morning.)

So we started to get better. The first one to go is the Sensoji Temple. This is a very popular place to be considered as a landmark for beginners to go to Japan. How come it is simple. Just when we left Keisei Ueno, we went to change the train line to Ginza.

[Simple Techniques To Find A Subway To change a train, one line is to remember or to look at each symbol. It is just a color circle along the lines. Ginza Line is an orange circle with the letter G inside when found. Then follow the signs and so on. The way to go up the track or platform is to see what station we go to it each track number is told that this track from this station to this station number. The bottom line will tell you that Track 2 from G17 to G19]

72hr ticket to the station. It starts counting time since we start plugging a ride card from Ueno Station to Asakusa Station.

I’m very happy with the results. The Zone is a lot more people. The weather was cool. The wind is very cold. Prepare long sleeves with each.
Sensoji Temple is a large temple in the Asakusa area. Some call it the Asakusa Temple or Asakusa Kannon Temple, which is the oldest temple in Tokyo. There is a history that in 628, a fisherman’s brother found a small Kuantan on the Sumida River. They returned to the village of Asakusa. Later, the villagers built a temple from a house to preserve the Guan Yin and later built the Senzhou Temple in 645

It’s time to go to Tokyo and have a half day to go to Kawagoe. (But not enough) In the afternoon I have to buy in downtown Tokyo. I plan to take a look at Roppongi at night, but I’m tired of heavy rain. Luckily, to see the scenery while heavy rain, I would see nothing clear, plus tired and tired to cancel.

This trip to Tokyo only. And return to Bangkok the next day (back from 10.30 am to Kuala Lumpur as ever. And to Bangkok at 20.00 is a journey that takes one day).

I have been to almost every place. Since I have only 4 days to stay in Tokyo, I want to keep the main place (should not be an exemplar). But come next time. I plan to loose. Spend the whole day We guarantee that you will not miss again. No matter what season, time or city.

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