2 Days 1 Night Lampang, Lampang, Thailand

City carriage to see the beautiful architectural temples. Life on the slope … I would like to say that in the beautiful culture in the city, the slow rotation is more than that, the nature of the place is very unseen tourist attractions, it is because we have to dig a haven for the trip. We will show you 2 days 1 night, this is a wow.
Day 1
Cliff> Luminous Buddha> Lampang Sea> Memmoth Hostel
Our trip to Lampang. Start your first eye at the cliff. Unseen Nature Conservation site with only mountains, streams and unspoilt forests. That’s the name. I do not know how to do it, but it’s a good thing.
The way down the cliff is a ramp down. The ground floor will be like the time we went down to the waterfall. Be careful not to be slow. And should wear sneakers. Or tight fitting shoes. I slipped together.
Down to the bottom to walk a little bit of water to what? You will see bamboo striking a long bridge across the shore. At the back you know that Jane and her mother (the pioneer) helped to develop and develop this place. Since the raid of forest. Make a bamboo bridge Explore the area where points can be made to visit. Learn the history of the place. It is intended to be a natural eco-tourism destination. Create a career to bring revenue to the community. I want to sit down beautifully. With respect to me really.
At this point, our journey begins. We can choose whether to visit the cave Cave hide / love. Kayaking or kayaking. The cost of activities will vary, but it’s only 20 – 50 baht. Anyone who wants to jump to the water, there is a lifeboat and rubber ring for rent is only 20 baht, we choose a rafting cave cave hide love / cliff. I want to see the nature of the cliff.
It is said that the raft is not used in the hand, do not use a paddle and do not use the engine. You do not want to create any pollutant pollution, you want to maintain this nature as much as possible. So rafting is the only way to catch the ropes and then use our force gradually go to the girl to go to the wind to send a lot of buoyancy. We sat at the waterfront and then smiled out, it was refreshing, it was fresh, it was clean, the air was really clean.
On the way to Jane, the cliffs say that the cliffs together. The first two cliffs in front of each other so that the wooden walk across the shore together. This is because the river was originally a timber log conveyor. There is a blast to allow large logs to pass through. Now it is far from useless.
Go to the beach. Cliff hiding love / cliff. We parked and took off our shoes. Then walk up the hill as a train. Jane said that he had to go to the jungle to enjoy it. It must be created to prevent people from destroying nature.

This is where the cliff. It is called natural return a lot. Because the wildlife is back, then the peacock will come out to us to see. This is a great success.

I found the mission to find my heart. Looking out to see the heart of nature?
If you want to come close to nature, you can come here. You can go boating, kayaking, rafting, swimming, or take your family to sit in the picnic. I have to eat a little bit, then chill, but I have to put the garbage on top of it. If we are a good tourist does not destroy nature. Nature will be with us for a long time.

Coordinates: Tambon Sop Bar, Mae Moh, Lampang.
Opening Hours: Open daily 9am – 5pm.
Phone: Jane 08 1746 6987
FB: https://www.facebook.com/janenupong/

Glazed Buddha
Away from the cliff, only 30 minutes drive to the temple. The Buddha statue representing the worship of the 28 Buddha, the 28th is a glowing Buddha. We intend to pay homage to him for a lifetime.
The origin of the monastery has a history of not less. We would like to talk briefly here. The monastery was built in 1971 by Luang Por Abbot Wat Tha Lampang, which is a high merit. (Or that the sacred object collectors known as the eyes of the pastor of Wat Tha Duen) was built here to be the practice until 1976 was dead. And then Luang Por Saen. It was restored until about 1997, His Majesty the Buddha. You have given the relics of the Buddha. Summoned in the pagoda.
To Luang Phaw’s death. This place was abandoned until 2010 Luang Por Prasit Puripunno restored. The 28 Buddhas represent the Buddha, the 28th is the current Lord Buddha. It is enshrined in the church, which is. The glowing Buddha
But it’s not over yet. Because this glowing Buddha Can be caused by the coincidence in the mass. Into the glow Or maybe because of the cooperation of the kith and kin. With the power of faith. Or maybe with prayer. The light is always reflected during the day. I have to invite people. Luang Phor Prasit Phiribanno to create a glowing Buddha image in many places, but no one is glowing. That said. The 28th Buddha statue representing the worship of the Lord Buddha. The only luminous Buddha in Thailand.
If anyone wants to pay homage. And see the beauty of the Buddha’s glow. I can travel easily. This place is only 20 kilometers from downtown Lampang. You can drive it up comfortably. And now, the monastery is lacking in the restoration of the dilapidated temple roof over time. And lest it fall down, the Buddha is damaged. If anyone has enough room to invite to restoration of the temple together with me. Thank you in advance.

Wat Doi Wang Hui
Coordinates: 283 Ban Pha Lat Moo 4, Phra, Muang, Lampang
Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 5pm.
Telephone: Phra Pracha Buri 06 3736 9678

Lampang Sea
heaven on earth… Eat on the water in nature. There is a sea at Lampang. Or called officially. Wanghwang Reservoir Where we will eat dinner. Which is up the road to Doi Wang Huu. It’s been a while. In addition to eating delicious. And also the view of the reservoir as well.
I really like that we are lucky. I do not plan ahead. Look out from the outside that pretty much came in. Seats can be picked up on land. Or floating floating water. I do not speak much. Choose the right one and start ordering food to be better.

With the little snail. I’ll be glad to order, but I’m surprised to see the price up! This meal is like a king!

This is my first post. But eat it delicious to tell.

With the little snail. I’ll be glad to order, but I’m surprised to see the price up! This meal is like a king!

This is my first post. But eat it delicious to tell.

Fried pork rib What is it? But eat in order to order.

Sea of ​​Spicy Water I do not like to eat, but I like to sweat as well.

Yummy vermicelli with medium taste suitable for people who do not like to eat spicy.

Fried Fish with Chilli Fish to a little meat. But the taste is the only one left with the 555 head.

The overall taste is passed. But maybe not for the eye for those who like to eat a lot of wild food, but just have a seat to eat this reservoir. The wind blows gently. I do not want to go to sleep now, really! Forget to say that the raft seats eat. We can pull the rope out of the reservoir. I want to go out in the middle of the dam at all. I think it’s time to pull the rope back to the side with me. I will not find that 555.

Lampang Sea
Coordinates: Lampang, Lampang, Lampang
Opening Hours: Daily 10 am – 7 pm
Phone: 08 6916 8144

Memmoth Hostel
After a day out, we return to town in the evening, because we booked at the hostel. Memmoth Hostel Cheap hostel, cheap price! Incredible Yes, it is very wrong with the look of Greg. This is my first post. Take a pillow before you sleep well.

Day 2
Memmoth Hostel> Street Art Katadata> Ngoc Ngoc
Memmoth Hostel

The contract is a contract. I have to promise. I do not wait anymore. We are going to find out that before the hostel is chic we have to sleep. The first three buildings were formerly used as a dilapidated building. The owner has risen to the new Renovated hostel is a cool cafe, incredible.

And with Lampang is a small town. The tourists are foreign nationals are the main. Accommodation is secondary. The idea is that this hostel is cool to do a chic price. Thai people come to stay. Foreigners stay impressed.

The name of this obstruction came from the idea that. Lampang is an ancient city. An ancient city with a long history. Think of the Memphis. Prehistoric animals of the world, even to extinction. But the greatness of it is still legendary people. Memmoth Hostel is a great place to go.

The room can accommodate from 1 person per room to 6 persons per room and there are 3 floors, the third floor is a panoramic view. And to make a private peace.

The bathroom is a clean, safe and clean area. If not, we have a fish picture.

Prices start from 300 baht per person and include breakfast (toast, biscuits, coffee, ovaltine, orange juice, fruit), but bring your own towel. If anyone forgets to have a towel to rent it.

Lampang Town Center The interior is beautifully designed. Rooms are stylish. Great cafe There are horseback riding, bicycle rental, luggage storage, free high speed Wi-Fi, and also recommend places to eat with tourists. I will be impressed.

Memmoth Hostel
Coordinates: 219 / 1-3 Chao Maitri Road, Sop Ruang, Muang Lampang, Lampang
Phone: 09 5451 4583, 08 6397 7789
FB: https://www.facebook.com/MemmothHostel/

Street Art

Check Out out of the hostel is determined to walk wandering street art at Street Art Kadr, a friend told me at least have to go back to the two ac, otherwise not considered.
The point is called Street Art is scattered all three points under the bridge Ratsadapisek. On the corner of Mae Wang Road, Old Market Road. And the wall behind the practice. We know that there will be a group of artists, city carriages to paint the walls of Lampang. So do not be surprised. Why do not you come to see this picture because he painted it more and more.

This is the Rassadapisek Bridge. The main road on Mae Wang Road or White Bridge. Another point is to draw a wall throughout the line. Choose a photo.

This is the wall behind the practice. I have not been able to catch the spot, but actually from the old market. Keep moving. I have a wall. I do not know if this is a good picture. If you want to take a photo with a new picture. I have to update the pattern as well.

I can say that here can create a new dimension. And the colors of the city carriages are very cute. Because no one came to Lampang. Which one must come through this point? It’s a stamp that I’ve been to Lampang and then thickly proud.

The restaurant is not to be missed very close to just walking from Street Art, because it is the same line as the old market Kadrid. This restaurant is not difficult because the gingerbread house Manila has become a landmark in itself. It is the most beautiful gingerbread house in Thailand. He received the Architectural Excellence Award in 2007 for Lanna Architecture Conservation Building. From Kannada to Lanna Association of Siamese Architects Under the Royal Patronage

Former Maung Silk Factory is the headquarters of the old Burmese Forest Department. From the reign of King Rama VI, which is actually the front of the shop, we see this is behind the house. The real home front is behind the restaurant next to the Wang River. Because of the ancient times, over a hundred years ago this area was inhabited by Burmese. And the Chinese live a lot. Which is traded by boat as well.

It is a living museum. The ancient history of the precious collection of the children.

It is a living museum. The ancient history of the precious collection to our children. I know to see and to go out again. As we see it is a two story wooden building. Then we sit on the second floor because the bottom of the basement is the bunker. Created during the war between the First and Second World War, but over a long time. The river blew the sediment, brick, rock, sand, soils and soils into a long time, thus becoming a narrow bunker. As seen

This is the basement in the past is the bunker. Created in the interval between World War I and II, which is a door on the floor. Must open up to see. I like it.

If anyone wants to visit the museum, there is life balm. In addition to experience life charm. And ancient artifacts. Do not forget to taste the coffee here. And the signature of this is a silly balm that I have to order. I will set up a Khan. There are 6 beverages including Thai tea, Burmese tea, lemon tea, green tea, milk coffee and black coffee, but in the middle there is a steak with rice and watermelon to eat.
Maung Coffee Coffee Burma Must Arrange Sweet taste For a coffee that does not like the hard core or order a Burmese milk, it is a pleasant aroma of sweet tea, it is good.

Coordinates: 208 Mueang Si Sao Si Market, Old Market, Suan Dok, Muang Lampang, Lampang
Opening Hours: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm (Sat – Sun only)
Phone: 08 6728 6362
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Moungngwezin-279801275420629/

End the trip to Lampang full of flavor and get good time. Do not rush like a tour. But not so much time to do so. If you have more time than this, you will be able to visit many places because it is still in stock. The next time I will take to enjoy the 3 nights 2 days to go.

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