Review “Ryokan Cafe” The atmosphere is like Japan!

รีวิว "Ryokan Cafe" ถ่ายรูปแบบสุดคูล บรรยากาศเหมือนอยู่ญี่ปุ่น!

Believe it or not? This shop is in Thailand, not Japan! Believe that many people who have seen the atmosphere of this shop for the first time must understand that we have taken pictures in Japan for sure. Because this shop has The concept of decorating the shop in Japanese Ryokan style which looks very similar.


This café is more than just an ordinary coffee shop. Because of the beauty of the decoration, the place makes this place like another one that is a highlight of Chiang Rai. Who comes to Chiang Rai must not miss

More information Ryokan Cafe Location: 34 Moo 4, Buasali, Mae Lao District, Chiang Rai ProvinceOpening Hours: 9.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Open the secret location of Eureka Beach Cafe Huahin, the atmosphere of the sea

เปิดโลเคชั่นลับ Eureka Beach Cafe Huahin บรรยากาศสุดฟินริมทะเล
Saying that anyone who has seen the image of Eureka Beach Cafe Huahin for the first time must not believe that this café is located at the beach of Hua Hin!

With a chill atmosphere by the sea With a corner to sit Drink of the cafe next to the beach. And in addition, the shop has a stylish design to take pictures and play

In the drink menu, if anyone is a fan of Eureka Nitro in Bangkok, you will definitely like the drinks at this store. Because this is the same brand that Bangkok has
Anyone who is going to have a plan to visit Hua Hin during this time, to relax and relax by the sea. Sip a cool drink Listen to the sound of waves blowing towards the beach. Enjoy the summer atmosphere at Eureka Beach Cafe Huahin.