Sennen no Sono, the lavender field near Tokyo, the largest in Japan now

Sennen no Sono ทุ่งลาเวนเดอร์ใกล้โตเกียวที่ใหญ่ที่สุดในญี่ปุ่นขณะนี้

Ranzanmachi Sennen no Sono Lavender Field

In June 2019, at the Ranun area in the heart of Saitama city, will prepare to open "SENNEN NO SONO Lavender Field" which is considered the largest lavender field in Japan. For those who like flowers Especially lavender that will be beautiful throughout

Ranzan Lavender Festival


For this year, the Ranzan Lavender Festival will be held from Saturday, June 8, 2019 to Sunday, July 7, 2019. In this event, besides the purple lavender, which is a highlight There are also Intermedia Grosso species that are popularly used to make aromatherapy oils and long white breeds that are beautiful white flowers. And more than 11 other lavender species that will bloom together in this field.

Activities within the festival


In this event, besides the beauty of lavender fields and lavender scents that are sweet and aromatic throughout the entire event In the event, there are also various activities to participate in, watch and experience. Whether it is collecting lavender from lavender fields Classes, crafts, crafts, local products, can be called to carry out activities related to lavender and activities from the local community to have a lot of fun.

Who likes flower fields Lavender fields are recommended at the “Sennen no Sono Lavender Field”, Ranunan District, Saitama, near Tokyo. It takes only a few minutes to see the beauty of the largest lavender fields in Japan at this time

Siam coffee @Si Sa Ket

กาแฟสยาม ฟินคัก ๆ คนฮักบ้านเกิด @ศรีสะเกษ
Anyone traveling to Si Sa Ket province and looking for a cozy coffee shop, "Mr Wai Aoi" would like to recommend Siam coffee shop, a small shop located not far from the city of Sisaket Plus, the shop owner also has a degree to barista, winning national awards as well.

With the style of decoration that is simple, comfortable to look at Plus the aroma of the roasted coffee itself makes it feel finer and smoother with the taste of the caramel espresso menu Sweet and bitter, combining the aroma of Doi Chang Pang Khon Blend coffee beans and adding sweetness with caramel and meticulousness in every brewing process from the national barista championship.


At Siam coffee shop, there is not only good coffee. But also allows villagers to bring their own products for sale, whether it be shallots, garlic, etc., can be called Is a coffee shop of hometown lovers Anyone who passes through Sisaket Province, don’t forget to visit the aromatic coffee. Stop taking chic selfies. Let’s show off Tasting both the delicious coffee and also getting souvenirs to give back to your loved ones as well.


SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival, a snow festival that is surrounded by mountains and streams

SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival เทศกาลหิมะที่ถูกโอบล้อมไว้ด้วยภูเขาและสายน้ำ

Share good experiences Come and tell everyone to meet again with this romantic festival next year.


SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival takes place from a waterfall that has become frozen into a large ice cube. When impacting the light that splashes a variety of colors As if we were sucked into a fairy tale world


In the air-7 degrees, but people are happy to be able to watch this festival In the festival, besides having lights, lights and colors to be viewed and taken together There are also snow slides to play as well. Which is a very fun activity And do not miss all things


Another highlight of this snow festival is the snow cave that penetrates into the path. With the inside of the cave having lights and lights Causing this snow cave to be a picture of the colors of the white snow.

On the day that we went, couples also arranged wedding ceremonies in the snow festival. This is a very romantic moment. There is a fireworks in the snow festival on this wedding day. Anyone who wants to have this kind of experience can come and contact the event next year.
And finally, it can be considered as the Hidden Gem of the SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival. That is, the sake bar made of ice is something that is very amazing. Who is cold? Can not bear to sip hot sake. In this bar, it is considered to be very helpful.

Overall, SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival is considered a small snow festival. But there is a special place in the location that is located between the mountains and the river Can be called a natural view that is hard to find


Next year, if anyone wants to experience the snow festival We recommend that this place is very good. Not too busy With beautiful nature The most important is romance too.


In the travel section You can take a ride from the Jubu Centrair International Airport and get off at Asahikawa and continue to ride in Kamikawa. Winter next year, invite people to come and visit the snow festival.