Ban Hua Laem Chedi


Located near Ban Hua Laem Fisherman’s Pier Na Yai Am District Chantaburi province The interesting feature of this is the old white pagoda that is located on the rocks in the middle of the sea. “Ban Hua Laem Chedi” is a chedi that is over 200 years old. It is believed to be built as an anchor for the fishermen. With a wooden bridge laying over the rocks, large and small, extending out into the sea for a distance of about 50 meters as a path to worship Ban Hua Laem Chedi

Ban Hua Laem Chedi Located on the same route as the Nang Nang Phaya Viewpoint Famous tourist attractions in Chanthaburi When reaching Nang Phaya Viewpoint, drive about 1 km to the pier which is the location of Baan Hua Laem Chedi. Upon arriving at the docks Park the car in the parking lot area. From there, take a tricycle to get into the pier for 10 baht per person (round trip) with a wooden bridge from the shore to the pier to the pagoda worship place.

On the way, can continue to take pictures of the sea view. Until the altar of worship, incense, candles, garland of faith, from the courtyard will see a white pagoda on the rocks not far If traveling in the evening, which is the setting sun, the atmosphere here is as beautiful as anywhere.

Ban Hua Laem Pagoda View Point

Ban Hua Laem Fishing Pier, Sanam Chai Sub-district, Na Yai Am District, Chanthaburi Province

Open daily from 05.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Upon arriving at the docks, park the car at the parking lot. There will be a parking fee of 20 baht. After that, take a tricycle to go to the villagers for 10 baht per person.

Happy camper

Happy camper

Drove for almost three hours Head to Rayong to relax in a car at Happy camper, a cafe in the heart of the garden next to the canal in Rayong. Located in the canal kitchen restaurant It is a cute, decorated shop with a nice atmosphere, highlighting the naturalness. Under the greenery By organizing the seating zones distributed in various angles perfectly There are many beautiful angles to take pictures.

The freshness started from entering the shop. Through the wooden arch Which will meet the greenery There are many open-air seating zones, all starting with a seat with a raised wooden floor. With tables and chairs surrounded by large trees White wrought iron seat A glass table And the corner of a high chair, the bar decorated with little cactus Including the corner of the seat with a mirror attached, can posed to take pictures, pose coolly

The shop has both table seats and Japanese table seats. There is a highlight corner Translated the nets that extended along the canal To sit and cool the air The menu in the shop will mainly focus on beverages and snacks. With a little snack And a single dish Price is moderate. Ordering drinks and bingchu and eating, sitting, eating, enjoying the atmosphere. Is another cute shop in Rayong. Whoever passes by to go to Rayong Suggesting that you will definitely not be disappointed

Phiphat Ban Kru Kang


From downtown, head to Klaeng District, stop at Kru Kang House Museum Which is a place to collect and display various appliances For the benefit of studying and creating enjoyment For tourists Can walk to see valuable antiques that are hard to find, such as old cars, antique appliances, books, bank notes, lamps, musical instruments by Teacher Kang-Boonkiat Merit help “former teacher civil service The owner has been collecting antiques for over 40 years, living after retirement. Renovate one’s own home On an area of ​​almost 2 rai, built as a museum for tourists to see For the reason that teachers do not want to keep watching alone

Kru Kang House Museum The structure is an old old wooden house, which is the home of the teacher that used to live. When you walk through the door, you will be thrilled with the collection and decoration in proportion. Front area With fueling Classic old cars, including chariot, wooden minibus, jeep cars, as well as Kru Kang’s coffee shop There are many beverages for sale including coffee. And various nectar

In that house Is organized systematically by dividing into categories and storing in each room Everything is broadcast through the exhibition in various rooms. Starting from the first zone There are even barber shops, men / women, tailors, gold shops, cinemas, photo shops, cafes, as well as small-large vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes.

When walking to another zone, the home area is part of the kitchen, grocery store, and various piggy bank storage rooms.

On the 2nd floor, there are toys, toys, lanterns, food scales, as well as antique music instruments. Can say that come to Teacher House Museum So you can enjoy shooting in different angles to your heart’s content As if going back to the past that might make us smile with these collections