Pink stone courtyard


Not far from Pak Nam Khem Nu Temple, we continue to the Pink Stone Yard, a tourist attraction located within the Krung Krabaen hunting area, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province. Features a pink, red-brown stone courtyard Beautiful exotic that penetrates along the beach to the end of the pink stone courtyard, which is an important viewpoint Can see the surrounding islands Beautifully

For visiting the pink stone courtyard Organized as a study route to observe nature, distance of 1 km. The suitable period is low tide during the day. From February – June Will be able to see the picture of the pink stone courtyard more clearly With 2 walking routes to choose from The first route is a pathway along the sea that alternates with rocks and stone terraces, which have some pink and red tinge. Another route is for those who like challenges. Is a natural path to Khao Bo Toei There will be stone steps to walk around the hill. The destination will find a pink rock terrace next to the sea. By using the time to walk to the pink stone courtyard about 1 hour 30 minutes

By this kind of pink stone Is Aricos sandstone That has a lot of iron Therefore the color reddish-pinkish purple to pinkish reddish-brown Which can be clearly seen during the time the sunlight hits

We choose to walk to the beach On the way, will meet with pink stones from time to time. Able to stop shooting, cool shooting Walking all the way to the pink stone courtyard, which is a highlight. From the viewpoint, you can see many other islands such as Saba Island, Namsao Island, Khao Laem Sing from the rocks, overlooking the bridge and Pak Nam Khem Nu Temple.

But unfortunately we didn’t walk to the stone courtyard. Because arriving during the high tide And choose a smooth path, the sea may be a little difficult to walk But if choosing the path up the hill, can go to see the pink stone courtyard, which we did not choose to walk through the mountains But just walking around to see the beauty of the pink rocks on the way is sufficient

If walking all the way to the end Will find pink stone courtyard Looking to the opposite side is Saba island (picture of pink stone courtyard From Facebook of Mr. Wichai Phaohom, Khung Krabaen Non-Hunting Area Officer)

Noen Phaya viewpoint


On the way back, pass the Noen Phaya viewpoint. A well-known tourist destination must be visited a bit, according to regulations, is a viewpoint that can see the sea view and Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road, along Kung Wiman Beach. Which is the beach road of Chanthaburi Province, passing Kung Wiman Beach Kung Krabaen Bay, Laem Singh Beach, both sides of the road by the sea and mountains, the road curves along the mountains and the sea. That has been called the most beautiful in the eastern region


There are many shooting spots at the viewpoint area. The whole point of looking down and seeing the view of Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road Curving along the beautiful sea And the viewpoint that overlooks the sea Mountains and islands In the foreground


Chill out photography in Chanthaburi is another open path. For those who have previously been familiar with Chanthaburi and in the city. Stopped by to Tha Mai District And Vow Chaolao Beach. In this zone, most tourist attractions will be natural due to the sea area. There are many delicious inexpensive seafood restaurants to choose from. Both in the Chao Lao Beach zone Khumwiman Beach, which is before the Phaya Nern Phaya Viewpoint Rim Talay restaurants have many restaurants to choose from.

White Rock Terrace, Mae Rumphung Beach


ลานหินขาว หาดแม่รำพึง

Arrived at Mae Ramphueng beach all the time Must visit the viewpoint, white stone courtyard, located between the center of the beach. There is a beautifully laid out stone garden. For sitting and resting Especially in the evening you will see many tourists coming to sit, including the villagers in this area as well. And the sea water in the area is quite stable and clear water Can swim Regarded as another famous beach Suitable for traveling as a family

The viewpoint is a beach with many rocks on the beach. And the sea is very clear Can enjoy swimming Or will walk to admire the view Sitting and enjoying the wind around the rocks