Doi Phahi

Doi Phahee is the famous coffee growing area in Chiang Rai. Which selects high quality coffee beans to be sold at various cafes around the country, not only the reputation of coffee But if talking about the scenery of Pha Hee house, it is equally outstanding.

Because it is located on a high hill surrounded by beautiful mountains and strange shapes There is a Phu Pha Hi coffee shop. With views in front of mountains and verdant forests With a hanging corner to admire the chic view And have a homestay for a hundred price to relax, experience the atmosphere to the full Not having much charm

Doi Pha Tang

Doi Pha Tang is one of Chiang Rai’s most famous tourist attractions for its beautiful view of the sea of mist. With the light of the sunrise rising into the sun Simultaneously, cool weather

Resulting in a shady atmosphere In addition, the area of Doi Pha Tang is also another viewpoint of the Phaya Sua flower or Sakura of Thailand. That will blossom for us to walk around in January If anyone who doesn’t want to be beautiful then have to travel here.

Choui Fong Tea Plantation


Continue with the Choui Fong tea plantation Which is known as a famous tea plantation in Chiang Rai Which resembles a large tea plantation Arrange alternating steps until it becomes a beautiful picture for tourists to walk and see and take pictures as a fun souvenir. There is also a cafe area open

Providing services for selling tea, coffee and many other desserts for tourists to taste and enjoy. The menu that we recommend is green tea latte and green tea cheesecake. Which can be said that it is very delicious. Anyone who comes to try