Noen Phaya viewpoint


On the way back, pass the Noen Phaya viewpoint. A well-known tourist destination must be visited a bit, according to regulations, is a viewpoint that can see the sea view and Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road, along Kung Wiman Beach. Which is the beach road of Chanthaburi Province, passing Kung Wiman Beach Kung Krabaen Bay, Laem Singh Beach, both sides of the road by the sea and mountains, the road curves along the mountains and the sea. That has been called the most beautiful in the eastern region


There are many shooting spots at the viewpoint area. The whole point of looking down and seeing the view of Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road Curving along the beautiful sea And the viewpoint that overlooks the sea Mountains and islands In the foreground


Chill out photography in Chanthaburi is another open path. For those who have previously been familiar with Chanthaburi and in the city. Stopped by to Tha Mai District And Vow Chaolao Beach. In this zone, most tourist attractions will be natural due to the sea area. There are many delicious inexpensive seafood restaurants to choose from. Both in the Chao Lao Beach zone Khumwiman Beach, which is before the Phaya Nern Phaya Viewpoint Rim Talay restaurants have many restaurants to choose from.

White Rock Terrace, Mae Rumphung Beach


ลานหินขาว หาดแม่รำพึง

Arrived at Mae Ramphueng beach all the time Must visit the viewpoint, white stone courtyard, located between the center of the beach. There is a beautifully laid out stone garden. For sitting and resting Especially in the evening you will see many tourists coming to sit, including the villagers in this area as well. And the sea water in the area is quite stable and clear water Can swim Regarded as another famous beach Suitable for traveling as a family

The viewpoint is a beach with many rocks on the beach. And the sea is very clear Can enjoy swimming Or will walk to admire the view Sitting and enjoying the wind around the rocks

Ban Hua Laem Chedi


Located near Ban Hua Laem Fisherman’s Pier Na Yai Am District Chantaburi province The interesting feature of this is the old white pagoda that is located on the rocks in the middle of the sea. “Ban Hua Laem Chedi” is a chedi that is over 200 years old. It is believed to be built as an anchor for the fishermen. With a wooden bridge laying over the rocks, large and small, extending out into the sea for a distance of about 50 meters as a path to worship Ban Hua Laem Chedi

Ban Hua Laem Chedi Located on the same route as the Nang Nang Phaya Viewpoint Famous tourist attractions in Chanthaburi When reaching Nang Phaya Viewpoint, drive about 1 km to the pier which is the location of Baan Hua Laem Chedi. Upon arriving at the docks Park the car in the parking lot area. From there, take a tricycle to get into the pier for 10 baht per person (round trip) with a wooden bridge from the shore to the pier to the pagoda worship place.

On the way, can continue to take pictures of the sea view. Until the altar of worship, incense, candles, garland of faith, from the courtyard will see a white pagoda on the rocks not far If traveling in the evening, which is the setting sun, the atmosphere here is as beautiful as anywhere.

Ban Hua Laem Pagoda View Point

Ban Hua Laem Fishing Pier, Sanam Chai Sub-district, Na Yai Am District, Chanthaburi Province

Open daily from 05.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Upon arriving at the docks, park the car at the parking lot. There will be a parking fee of 20 baht. After that, take a tricycle to go to the villagers for 10 baht per person.

Happy camper

Happy camper

Drove for almost three hours Head to Rayong to relax in a car at Happy camper, a cafe in the heart of the garden next to the canal in Rayong. Located in the canal kitchen restaurant It is a cute, decorated shop with a nice atmosphere, highlighting the naturalness. Under the greenery By organizing the seating zones distributed in various angles perfectly There are many beautiful angles to take pictures.

The freshness started from entering the shop. Through the wooden arch Which will meet the greenery There are many open-air seating zones, all starting with a seat with a raised wooden floor. With tables and chairs surrounded by large trees White wrought iron seat A glass table And the corner of a high chair, the bar decorated with little cactus Including the corner of the seat with a mirror attached, can posed to take pictures, pose coolly

The shop has both table seats and Japanese table seats. There is a highlight corner Translated the nets that extended along the canal To sit and cool the air The menu in the shop will mainly focus on beverages and snacks. With a little snack And a single dish Price is moderate. Ordering drinks and bingchu and eating, sitting, eating, enjoying the atmosphere. Is another cute shop in Rayong. Whoever passes by to go to Rayong Suggesting that you will definitely not be disappointed

Phiphat Ban Kru Kang


From downtown, head to Klaeng District, stop at Kru Kang House Museum Which is a place to collect and display various appliances For the benefit of studying and creating enjoyment For tourists Can walk to see valuable antiques that are hard to find, such as old cars, antique appliances, books, bank notes, lamps, musical instruments by Teacher Kang-Boonkiat Merit help “former teacher civil service The owner has been collecting antiques for over 40 years, living after retirement. Renovate one’s own home On an area of ​​almost 2 rai, built as a museum for tourists to see For the reason that teachers do not want to keep watching alone

Kru Kang House Museum The structure is an old old wooden house, which is the home of the teacher that used to live. When you walk through the door, you will be thrilled with the collection and decoration in proportion. Front area With fueling Classic old cars, including chariot, wooden minibus, jeep cars, as well as Kru Kang’s coffee shop There are many beverages for sale including coffee. And various nectar

In that house Is organized systematically by dividing into categories and storing in each room Everything is broadcast through the exhibition in various rooms. Starting from the first zone There are even barber shops, men / women, tailors, gold shops, cinemas, photo shops, cafes, as well as small-large vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes.

When walking to another zone, the home area is part of the kitchen, grocery store, and various piggy bank storage rooms.

On the 2nd floor, there are toys, toys, lanterns, food scales, as well as antique music instruments. Can say that come to Teacher House Museum So you can enjoy shooting in different angles to your heart’s content As if going back to the past that might make us smile with these collections


Think of the tourist routes of Phetchaburi Not Cha-am Beach, Khao Wang, Khao Luang Temple, Chao Samran Beach, Sheep Farm. What else can you think of? Which indicates that Phetchaburi is still a sugar plantation, rice fields, salt fields, fresh seafood at an affordable price Delicious dessert These things have been with Phetchaburi for a long time. That wants you to try come to experience the Petchburi style, in the neighborhood of Bang Tabun, Ban Laem, and in the zone along the Muang District that guarantees 1 day get up to dress up handsome Out of that house, you can eat, travel, take photos, be satisfied, have a stomach to go home, Have fun, not lose anywhere.

The indispensable menu is steamed blue crabs, well-diced lamb, priced at 680 baht per kilogram. Have had 800 kilo each. There is a period when the crab is less. Large size, firm texture, large amount, eat 3 people more than enough, other menu has A large boiled cockle is good enough to cook. Crab-fried rice, middle dish, full of crab meat. Coconut milk curry Stir Fried Prawns with Salt and Chili Fried Egg Squid Crab pickled eggs that the eggs come in are very full.


Chanthaburi, although it takes almost four hours to travel from Bangkok. But it is not difficult to travel on a single day For the morning return trip route to Chanthaburi There are many routes. The most hit is inevitable, the old Chanthaburi community. Christ Chris, Mueang Chan Noen Phaya Viewpoint, etc. For our 1 day trip, this time we focus on checking in to a new tourist spot. Can take cool pictures As well as eating delicious seafood Inexpensive one meal Traveling throughout the day, full, even when traveling, plus having a full stomach.

เที่ยวจันทบุรี 1 วัน

09.30  ชมอุโบสถสีน้ำเงิน วัดปากน้ำเขมหนู

Leaving Bangkok at about 6 o’clock in the morning to head to the city of Chan. Which requires a bit of time First destination is Pak Nam Khem Nu Temple, Tha Mai District, to see the remarkable blue-colored ceramic church, a landmark, cool photography of Chanthaburi. Which is spectacular, with a pattern of blue churches and white floors Similar to porcelain ware made from ceramics in ancient times Different from the general chapel that has been seen It is eye-catching for those who have seen the picture. Resulting in sharing in a social world Until tourists come to visit the beauty Take continuous pictures

Pak Nam Khem Nu Temple Located at the Pak Nam Khaem Nu Bridge Coastal estuary When getting off the bridge Then turn left and will arrive Pak Nam Khaem Nu Temple For the history of this church. As the old churches began to deteriorate more Because the temple is adjacent to the sea causing the structure to deteriorate to the roof Therefore demolished the old church And construction of a new church Ready to find a way to prevent the new church from deteriorating quickly. Therefore, there is an idea to use ceramic to coat the cement floor of the temple to prevent saltwater And using the blue pattern to contrast with the white color According to the color pattern of the ancient porcelain used only 2 colors only When used it, it was found that it is beautiful and outstanding. At present, the Phra Ubosot has not yet been completed. Still in the process of implementing the ceramic tiles decoration Which has adorned almost 90 percent

Upon reaching the front of the church, there will be a 5-headed serpent with a body stretching all the way to the stairs. Just seeing the entrance is amazing. When I first arrived, I looked at the whole image of the chapel and still do not see the pattern. Is very clear blue But when he came near, it was very beautiful

The interior of the church stands out with 4 wooden church doors and windows with porch designs. The guardian image The walls of the church have paintings about Buddha’s life and decorative paintings on ceramic floors, images of Jataka stories and Phra Nok Aok.

After paying respect to the principal Buddha image within the church completed Came to find a corner to take pictures of portrait around the church Where to shoot Is beautiful at every point Both the pattern of the chapel wall and the front and back Which has an entrance which has a gilded lacquer pattern, porch pattern, adding a distinctive style. The pillars that line around the church are another good angle for taking pictures. Can say that there are many shooting angles If arriving in Chanthaburi Should definitely add Blue temple Pak Nam Khem Nu Temple Entering the tourist plane as well Ensure that the temple will be changed to be a fun and exciting quite a lot.


Located approximately 28 km from Chanthaburi town Chanthaburi – Bangkok, follow the Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road. Along the Chao Lao Beach, Khlong Khut Sub-district, Tha Mai District, or Road 4036 until reaching the Chalermkiat Bridge Or Pak Nam Khaem Nu Bridge When getting off the bridge And turn left to reach Pak Nam Khaem Nu Temple

One day trip Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi, near Krung Thep

Bored with the city of Bueng, not having to travel far to Nonthaburi, so also feel like traveling to other provinces as well. This time, it will flash to travel to the famous district of Muang Non. Bang Bua Thong, Bang Kruai, Bang Yai. This line of cafes and restaurants have many new styles and styles, most of them natural. Relaxing Enjoy the atmosphere Some places also have beautiful shooting angles. The tourism in this era is very hot. Became a stopover point by default This time, I went to Nont, so I mainly focus on cafes. Only 3 places to chill out are over.

One day trip นนทบุรี

Bangkok Doi Cafe

Start at Bangkok Doi Cafe or Bangkok Day Rama Chic cafe in Bang Kruai, Nonthaburi that is decorated in a vintage style in the concept of a shop that wants to be like an old movie theater. And with the intention of the owner who wants to be a mini art mall The prominent landmark that has to be photographed is the pink Ferris wheel. With many more stylish retro corners The food is sweet and savory. A variety of drinks are good.

Bangkok Doi Cafe Located at the bottom of the Bangkok Day Rama Building in the Noble GOP Rama 5 village, before reaching the bridge over the canal Notice the village and turn a little into the shop. The shop has a landmark, a large building and a Ferris wheel. The shop is a large building resembling an old movie theater. The area below is a café, while the upper floor Is an interior office And a room for organizing various artistic workshops The atmosphere in the shop is divided into air-conditioned room zones. Cool weather With a table to sit in several corners Whole table and chair Vintage sofa And a glass bar counter Inside the shop there are many antique decorations. To give a lollipop as if to recall childhood memories Including a painting of a wall And photos of the old cinema attached to the wall to match the concept of the old cinema of the shop

The cuteness of the shop is that there are zones for children. It is a wide cushion with developmental toys. Let the children run, play, and sleep I like the family with a lot of children.

The seating area is available outside as open air. Which decorated with bright furniture And the eye-catching are large wall paintings Is a picture of the atmosphere by the Bangkok Doi Cafe The mood is similar to a poster promoting a movie in the past. Increase the atmosphere of a cinema with an old popcorn cabinet. Including bicycles attached to the wall

The lawn area is the location of the Ferris wheel. Striking pink There is a pink iron chair in the front. Including large translated seats on the side Turned into another cute shooting angle

Coming to the menu It serves both savory dishes. Is a fusion style menu Including desserts, both cakes and bakeries, order sunflower sunflower sprouts Pad Thai Noodle Crispy Roti with Green Curry Baked mussels with cheese to eat. The overall taste of the food is delicious. Attached to the baked mussels are a bit salty

Bang Khuat floating market

Let’s continue at the Bang Khulat floating market. Is an old market area along the canal in Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province. Formerly a market with rowing boats selling canals But has now moved to land Is a small market with not many shops Open every Saturday and Sunday If walking into the front, will find the fresh market first. Which the products sold are the same as the general fresh market For traveling if bringing a private car Can be parked at Chao Pho Shrine Which is a little beyond the market Able to walk through each other through a narrow alley

Coming to the market Quite lonely There are 1 noodle shops and 2 water stalls, which are called if you intend to visit this market, especially not very interesting. But if it is a way to go somewhere else, it is considered a stop

The most beautiful shooting angle in the market It is not an old house, decorated in a retro atmosphere. There is a sign named “New Wattana Market” which is the original name of Bang Khuat Floating Market.

Weekend  coffee

Ending up to experience the atmosphere that is not busy. Giving a feeling of living in a relative’s house in another province Enjoy the shady garden. Sitting in a hut beside the rice field Smells of Ban Thung not far from Bangkok Ask to jump to Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi at Weekend coffee, Cafe Rimna Weekend coffee is open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, as the name of the shop. The shop is located in an alley beside the village of Monawadee Park. Entering the alley through a slightly dirt road Drive along the road for about 400 meters. Upon arriving, park the car beside the shop. Which there are not many parking spaces First, find a shop shooting corner, a scarecrow and a haystack.

The shop was converted into a cafe in the house, good atmosphere, shady place Giving the feeling of sitting in a garden house The shop is all open air. There are many corners to sit and relax. Including translated swings, benches, table seats, bar counters, canal seats Decorated with sundries, very cute

The area behind the shop looks like a lush green rice field. There is a corner seat highlighting a small pavilion. Adjacent to rice fields Is a feel that Unbelievable that Bang Bua Thong will have images like this for us to watch. In a café located in a community area

The water menu includes beverages, coffee and tea and Italian soda, butterfly pea. As for the food menu, about 4-5 items are single dishes and most appetizers.

Nong Chok

Nong Chok is a district in Bangkok located in the suburb. Coming here gives you the feeling of being in another province. People don’t get busy. There is still space to breathe in the full lung. There is a hip cafe. Take a chic photo. For people who like making merit, there are beautiful temples to visit to relax the mind. If you want to travel in Bangkok on the Bangkok side of Thon side, go to many places already Try to come and relax, relax, take some stylish photos in Nong Chok


Voodoo café, a cool café in Nong Chok

When will start to start, whichever is convenient For us, it started at eleven o’clock. Intend to have lunch at Voodoo café, the famous cafe that is hit It is both a restaurant and a café in the same store. Decorated in European style combined with vintage style Beautiful with a beautiful garden Filled with trees, flowers, waterfalls, fish ponds, feel like an English garden. The area in the shop is very wide, all areas are verdant with ornamental plants. Can say that there are many angles to take pictures

For traveling to the store, maybe a little deeper. Can set the journey from google maps to arrive. Do not be afraid that there is no parking. Because the park is very wide, there are security guard staff to provide convenience throughout. On the way into the store is a warehouse made of clear glass. Collecting vintage cars, motorcycles and vintage accessories of the shop owner. The front is arranged into a chic photo corner.

Shop entrance Organized into a beautiful garden There is a fountain in the middle. Surrounded by green gardens This zone has many photography angles, including chairs, arches by the waterfall. Ivy in the garden, living pavilion, tree house, fish pond, vintage style iron chairs scattered in the corner of the garden, like a visit to Khao Yai.

Arriving at the shop, if wanting to have a meal, contact the staff And inquire about seating Which if coming during the holidays from noon to early afternoon The queue is quite a lot. Have to wait for the table queue While waiting for a walk to take photos first Start from the beautiful garden zone in front of the shop. With a cute little house Covered with various ivy At the back is a waterfall and a small fish pond.

Next is a raised tree house. There is a large fish pond in front. And hanging rattan chairs Behind there is a stairway leading up to the balcony to enjoy the view.