Drive the car I’m going to eat @ Ratchaburi

Say hello people who are ready to go out with the strength of the spot. Today we are going out on a drive to say who like the chic that comes with strength and like new lifestyle to the car.

This trip will take you to the city on the way. Bangkok – Nakhon Pathom And to stop eating at Ratchaburi to take only 2 hours 20 minutes. Before our departure, we had a little test at the MG Driving Experience Center. Ready for a long wait.

We will travel this time to experience new experiences together. The MG3 is powered by a 1.5-liter 112-horsepower engine with a new 4-speed automatic transmission, a 5-door sedan.

It comes alive with your life style at all times. MG3 Hatchback colorful. Under the definition of “WE ARE FUN”, look at the world fun. That’s all in the car. Filled with comfort.

Before leaving for the music to drive. With the online music system in this car of True Online Music, which has more than 1 million songs to choose from. This is a good one.

You do not have to spend a lot of time to download 55 flash drives. You can also search for hotels in your neighborhood with AGODA through the application of the car. MG 3 is ready to go.

Get out of the Buddhist path today. I do not see the rain to drive long. The first landmark to visit, we will sip coffee at Starbucks, Nakhon Chaisri Sip a cup of coffee to wake up this morning. WE ARE FUN !! Let’s make fun of the city lifestyle, drive to eat, eat out, go out to go to the next destination.
At this time, lunch time is enough. Banburea Restaurant, Nakhon Pathom Province. But today we will just have lunch. Let’s say good food all over me.

This is a traditional Thai food. Some menu items may not be familiar, but if you are a mother, we come to you to say good name. I do not believe that it is delicious and delicious. We’re hungry for 55 Well, then go out and forward to the next coordinates.
I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do it.

The day after that, he had children to do activities at the base, too. See the picture and enjoy it. But this is not just for kids. It can also be done at any age. Family is fun. Come here to experience the natural way of life.

Activity in the field of affection. Kite rim Try to throw the rice, harvest, collect eggs, duck and make organic salted eggs, grow vegetables or paint batik patterns, choose the right color and the like smear it. Each piece is then dried, then dry to store it. Very bright colors.
The activities here are very cute. I have to try it in the course. Slider Rear Nay Yai very happy. The kids laughed and screamed loudly. Chill very much. Good atmosphere, like to visit the farm. I do not have enough experience and knowledge to return to it.
We have another time because we still have time. Khao Ngao Rock Garden This is a great place to park your car. If you come to Ratchaburi, do not miss it here. Beautiful view.
There are also lakes in the middle of this rocky valley. The rocks reflect the surface of the water pretty well. Tell me that this landmark is cool. If anyone likes to take photos of the cell phone check in, do not miss it. The car was swept away to take a look at the car both Wall Street Art.
Live in the heart of the hip and meet the people like the new lifestyle. This is not the case. Still, there is a classic of the old town as well as the graffiti that this combination of bismuth plus classic origin has to do with both the graphics and the car.
With innovative i-SMART intelligent system to meet the lifestyle of comfortable living with the command of 3 channels is the voice command system in Thai. 8-inch touch screen navigation and smartphone-based applications.
They also have fun with True Music’s online music system, which has over 1 million songs to choose from. This is not enough to find a hotel from the AGODA website through the application of the new MG 3.

MG3 is equipped with the innovative i-SMART intelligent system that will provide you with a comfortable living lifestyle with 3 channels of voice commands. The 8-inch touch screen navigation system and the smartphone-based navigation application are very trendy and trendy. In the rear of the luggage compartment can be quite a lot. Absolutely.
Time to get back to the hotel at the time Ratchaburi is a time to relax. View from the bedroom is good. By the pool. Chill for a long night.
New morning to return to Bangkok. I’m getting ready to return. But before we return to pay homage to the Buddha. Wat Phra Prathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom, and worship.
Today, the sky is very clear. Blue is a very colorful color. This is my first post.
Finally, next station. We will go to lunch. Three little pigs (Three Pigs) Organic Farm This is the best cafe in the area.
If you have a coffee, tea, coffee, and a full table to do it, the last meal of the trip here. I’m so glad to see you here. Nice to have a picture to leave my friends will invite the gang to come together in the next!
When I tried the New MG3 in this trip, when I tested the performance of the car I know. Whether it is curved at a speed that is quite slow and sluggish all round. I’m sure the road out of the actual speed of the acceleration can be out and surpassed immediately because the New MG3 has a Sport mode increased. I assure you that this car is quite strong.

The car is really small. I think that the option is fully equipped with the option of convenience, very tight. If for this price to start it.
The sunroof has a reverse camera with True Online Music, search for accommodation around. Oh, that’s good. The joy of comfort when used.

The new MG3 comes complete with 5 yellow options – Tudor Yellow, Ruby Red, Blue Blue, Arctic. White, and Black – Black Knight. There are four models available: Model C, Price 519,000 Baht, Model D Price 549,000 Baht, Model X Sunroof Price 589,000 Baht and V Sunroof Model 629,000 Baht. I have to say WOW. And then it is considered quite a lot of options that come complete.

This is the first time I’ve finished this sentence. What is your lifestyle? Let’s find and ask.

For those who are interested, feel free to try out the MG3 showroom at the 85 MGM Showrooms nationwide or for more information. http://www.mgcars.com