Review “Ryokan Cafe” The atmosphere is like Japan!

รีวิว "Ryokan Cafe" ถ่ายรูปแบบสุดคูล บรรยากาศเหมือนอยู่ญี่ปุ่น!

Believe it or not? This shop is in Thailand, not Japan! Believe that many people who have seen the atmosphere of this shop for the first time must understand that we have taken pictures in Japan for sure. Because this shop has The concept of decorating the shop in Japanese Ryokan style which looks very similar.


This café is more than just an ordinary coffee shop. Because of the beauty of the decoration, the place makes this place like another one that is a highlight of Chiang Rai. Who comes to Chiang Rai must not miss

More information Ryokan Cafe Location: 34 Moo 4, Buasali, Mae Lao District, Chiang Rai ProvinceOpening Hours: 9.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Rock Stone Farm, Trang

Rock Stone Farm, Trang

Fisherman’s life at the “Stone Farm Stays” Trang long beach resort. The front is a fish cage and mangrove forest. Boat trip to Trang beach Watch the sunset. “West Beach” touch the hot spring in the forest. And sea grass watching the “wild albatross” taste fresh seafood from the cage.

Rock Farm Farm is located at 145/1 Moo 2, Bo Hin, Amphur Sikao, Trang 92150.

There are about 20 families. The main task is to raise crayfish, including whitefish, fried fish, mussels, oysters, etc. The “Rock Farm Stays” is a standard homestay in Thailand.

Homestay focuses on learning local fisheries along with the study of the beauty of the mangrove forest. Long-tailed boat cruises along the coastline. Including creative activities like seagrass planting. To help tourists together to recover important natural resources.

Welcome visitors with local snacks and snacks.

Main meal Most of the fresh seafood from cages. Cooked by a skilled cook. Delicious delicious

The lodge will be divided into several rooms, such as the Tiger Fish, the group room, the fish, the fish, the blue sky, etc. There are a number of rows. Reading lounge And a long balcony to sit cool.

Sightseeing activities include boat trips to the mangrove ecosystem. Nature trail study Watch the hot springs in the mangrove forest. Alternatively, take a kayak trip at Boonmong Bay.

Highlights of Rock Farm Stays It is the natural and abundant mangrove forest. Including coastal aquaculture and folk fishing practices.

Boat cruise on the rocky road.

Mangrove planting activities. Or seagrass The feeding of “dugong” mammal. It is reduced to almost extinct.
The mangrove planting here is done seriously, see the results and have continued care.
At Rock Farm Stays Seagrass seed is collected for propagation purposes. “Seagrass Bank” to restore abundance to the sea. It is another activity not to be missed.

Thailand has about 104,686 rai of seagrass. It is found in the Trang sea, about one quarter of seagrass beds in the sea.
Hot spring and mud spa One of the eco-trails in the middle of the mangrove forest is the “hot water of salt water” that magically sprang up in the Andaman Sea.

Water tide will see the water springs clear around the muddy black. It is said that if the mask. The skin is smooth. Do not try to prove.

Sunset sunrise at the beach to keep the sun rising to the horizon here beautiful impressive. Along the beach is a shallow water.

Watch “wild dance”, performing folk art is lost. And the rock is the one that remains wild to see each other. The importance of preserving this art is full. Musical instruments used in the show are tattoos, earplugs, cymbals, and costumes.

Tourist spot “Salted fish”
View the drying process by drying house. Solar Power and Electric Power Of Bo Hin Hin Seafood Processing Group, Bo Kaeng, Sikao, Trang
Salted fish Excellent OTOP 5 Star of the good in Sikao district, Trang.

Saltwater fishes are clean and hygienic. No preservatives And the taste of fish is not too salty to store for 4-5 months in the vacuum system.

In the past, salted fish was used in the open air. Sometimes there are many flies. Looks unclean and insecure. The villagers use mosquitoes. Or small mesh lattice Covered with salted fish. Many people call it. “Salted fish”

Most of the fish are used for “fish”, which is called “fish”, but sometimes fishes, eels, fish, eyeballs, fish, salted fish from Trang, Hat Yai, Krabi and Songkhla.

In addition to salted fish with shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, kidney, etc., you can also choose to shop.

Produced and distributed by
Community Enterprise Group, Sikao, Trang Province Tel. 093-773-9544, 084-293-9371

Rock Farm Stays

Homestay: Experience the life and nature of the coast.
Tourism: Two-Ocean Travel
Travel time: all year round


Snorkeling (700 Baht / person)
Nature boat ride on mangrove forest (150 Baht / person)
Wildlife show
Learn to live in a cage.
Study on Coastal Fisheries
Seagrass planting and mangrove planting.

Accommodation and rates

Accommodation: 3 homestays, 50 people

Service Fee

Homestay 120 Baht / person
Breakfast charge 60 Baht / meal
Lunch / Dinner 150-250 Baht / person

Nearby Attractions

Hot spring in the mangrove forest.
Rachamongkhon Beach
Hua Hin Beach
Klong Son Beach
Pak Meng Beach
Chao Mai Beach
The Beach

Fresh seafood of the community.
Processed Seafood


From Bangkok to Trang-Trang (Sap Puean), take 12 hours to get to Trang. Then take a motorbike taxi service fee 20 baht to the central market.
** Then connect the van. Trang – Sikao – Kuan Kun or Trang – Sikao – Pak Meng. Service fee 60 Baht 30 minutes to Sikao Market. Then the motorcycle hire a service fee of 20 baht to the rock pond farm.